Headteacher notes…..

redsquirrelHello and Season’s Greetings!
Christmas has arrived at School! It started on the 5th December, with our Christingle in Rivington Parish Church. A beautiful service with that special moment of candlelit ‘hush’ in the darkened church. As the words of Away in a Manger fill the church, then Christmas truly begins. If you could not be with us this year, aim for next year…families and friends are always welcome to share the magic with us. 
Our PTA Christmas Fair was also on a chilly Friday and was very well attended. With our dedicated  parents and all School Staff running stalls, tombolas  etc, raising the extra funds that make a difference to your children’s education. The external stallholders-in our Village Hall Marketplace also provided excellent opportunities for Christmas shopping and treats!
We have been visited by Martha the Magical Cat (Visiting Theatre- Pendle Players) and School has been filled with singing, sparkle, rehearsing, glitter and a mounting excitement as our own Performance dates drew near.
Every year it is said ……. ‘This play/panto/concert  is the best we’ve ever done/seen/performed’, well  THIS YEAR they truly are….
KS1 were fantastic in their Nativity…. with amazing acting, dance routines,  songs sung with enthusiasm (and all words known) and clear delivery of their lines, spoken with meaning-particularly commented on by members of the audience. The children’s enjoyment shone through from start to finish-even on the Tuesday night when there were some very tiny, tired faces.
KS2 wowed everyone with Aladdin-trouble! Their energetic and enthusiastic delivery of lines, songs and ……terribly corny jokes…was always right on cue. With the cue card prompters making sure the audience were kept on their toes !  A performance that would have run and run (given the opportunity) and one which was a showcase for the best of Rivington talent!
All our children are extremely lucky, as their teachers encourage and nurture potential – sometimes finding it when a child does not think it is there! It is  this atmosphere of believing in each and everyone, what they are capable of; this gives all our children a  chance to flourish!
This week continues with our Christmas Get Together (Monday 2pm), for families and friends; followed  by Lanterns and Carols in the School yard, come and have a good Christmas sing!! Party time lands on Tuesday (KS1) and Wednesday (KS2)….with the (Tea) Party times for Grandparents on Thursday….tickets from school! Always fun, always entertaining, with continuous refreshment (provided by our hard working PTA); highly recommended!
Last  (but definitely not least) it’s Breakfast with Santa on Friday!!!  A fabulous PTA event for the children’s entertainment and enjoyment …a perfect end to an exciting week-ready for Christmas!
  I have had an exciting, enjoyable and very ‘Rivington’ first term as Headteacher; with many thanks to everyone for the support and  good wishes I have received- looking forward to 2015!
 With this term nearly at an end, may I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and everything you wish for in 2015!
Mrs Janine Carter-Clavell